Pinterest – Part 2

So immediately I see the familiar Social Media steps, log in, create account, go into settings and generate a profile, upload a picture and link to websites etc.

One day, I imagine everything will be linked to everything via Social Media,  6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon will be eclipsed and eroded as we are all linked together in the World Wide Social Media Web of Life. To this end, the next step is to find ‘friends’ from Facebook, Gmail, Email etc. Of course, a number of these people I have never met, but have come into contact with, through work, interests, online games, or simply through another social medium. However, they are now my friends, and must be linked to Pinterest.

I can upload an image to reflect my personality, maybe my face, my pet or maybe one of my edible “offspring”, and then start to create my boards.

It is at this juncture, that I start to ask what I want the platform of Pinterest for – my cakes and bakes, to show the world my various pets, my rather suspicious and varied taste in literature, and my favourite plants, perhaps the gardens I aspire to build. Then I have to decide what image I want Pinterest to present, of me, to the world. Do I omit the Jodi Picoult books, and only portray myself as a diligent peruser of the classic tomes, and what about the self-heal and ‘how-to-be-sick’ guides, thus revealing my less than perfect physical health. I am currently trying to lose a bit of weight, so do I create a board of Slimming World ideas and motivators, at least that would be a useful contribution and maybe even a reference guide. I will be interested to see the extent to which my friends and followers have chosen to open their hearts and/or bare their souls in photo form, it is already apparent to me which types of people this form of social interaction could easily appeal to. The arty, the crafty, the people who can look at something and see what colour might complement it, what plant should be behind it, what medium it should be made in, or how remarkable improvements could be made to an original object by some small but significant additional item.

I can already begin to see the value of a well maintained Pinterest site for retailers of items chosen as much for their visual impact as functionality, clothes, furnishings, works of art, and other objects to be desired. I am going to look at some boards now, and then see if I am inspired to begin building my own.


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