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Pinterest Part 3 – quite liking it…

Art for the day

Art for the day

Well, I am pleased to report getting a bit more excited by Pinterest. My page is coming together nicely, as I have kept to my earlier undertaking, which was to ‘Pin’ things every day.

At first I felt that I had no idea about what I was doing, so I looked at my friends who already were on there, and saw what they were up to, and what boards they had created; these include ‘Dream Holidays’, ‘Christmas Ideas’, ‘Owls’ , ‘My style’ – anything that can be pictorially represented was here.

I found and loved these!

funky nails picture from Pinterest

funky nails picture from Pinterest

So as a newbie I decided to create some boards of my own, and once I started looking for things to ‘Pin’ on them, ideas started to flood in, and the process began to take a life of its own.
Obviously, I had to have a ‘cake’ board ( which soon became two, one to showcase my own cakes, and the second to pin ideas for future baking experiments);a craft page, since there is a heck of lot of craft on Pinterest, a couple of pages for fun, including cheese, dogs, and Denmark, because my husband and I are great fans of the Nordic Noir dramas – the Killing, the Bridge, Borgen etc.

Then I noticed  that I could upload my own pictures, and link them to my blog and Facebook page – to increase the traffic to them both, all good.

In the past I have tended to put photos I wanted to keep onto my Facebook wall, but have not wanted to overwhelm people with things which are of no interest to them, now I realise that I can pin away to my heart’s content, and no-one but me needs to see it.  I subscribe to an Art of the Day mail out, and today was the first day that it occurred to me to save the picture, and pin it to my Art of the Day board – see above .  Btw I then spotted the link to their Pinterest page  but the precedent is set now, I have somewhere to display things that please my eye.

It is also a great place to stick all those project ideas that you come across, and wonder what to do with.

Go on – just have a quick peek on Pinterest – I think you will like it!


Pinterest – Part 2

So immediately I see the familiar Social Media steps, log in, create account, go into settings and generate a profile, upload a picture and link to websites etc.

One day, I imagine everything will be linked to everything via Social Media,  6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon will be eclipsed and eroded as we are all linked together in the World Wide Social Media Web of Life. To this end, the next step is to find ‘friends’ from Facebook, Gmail, Email etc. Of course, a number of these people I have never met, but have come into contact with, through work, interests, online games, or simply through another social medium. However, they are now my friends, and must be linked to Pinterest.

I can upload an image to reflect my personality, maybe my face, my pet or maybe one of my edible “offspring”, and then start to create my boards.

It is at this juncture, that I start to ask what I want the platform of Pinterest for – my cakes and bakes, to show the world my various pets, my rather suspicious and varied taste in literature, and my favourite plants, perhaps the gardens I aspire to build. Then I have to decide what image I want Pinterest to present, of me, to the world. Do I omit the Jodi Picoult books, and only portray myself as a diligent peruser of the classic tomes, and what about the self-heal and ‘how-to-be-sick’ guides, thus revealing my less than perfect physical health. I am currently trying to lose a bit of weight, so do I create a board of Slimming World ideas and motivators, at least that would be a useful contribution and maybe even a reference guide. I will be interested to see the extent to which my friends and followers have chosen to open their hearts and/or bare their souls in photo form, it is already apparent to me which types of people this form of social interaction could easily appeal to. The arty, the crafty, the people who can look at something and see what colour might complement it, what plant should be behind it, what medium it should be made in, or how remarkable improvements could be made to an original object by some small but significant additional item.

I can already begin to see the value of a well maintained Pinterest site for retailers of items chosen as much for their visual impact as functionality, clothes, furnishings, works of art, and other objects to be desired. I am going to look at some boards now, and then see if I am inspired to begin building my own.

Pinterest – a foray into the Unknown Part 1.

I know I have a Pinterest account, I get emails from time to time, telling me which of my friends has joined Pinterest and and is ‘following’ me. I even get Pinterest Weekly – gotta be more fun that Woman’s Weekly – or has it?

I am going to make a promise to Pin something to my Pinterest wall (if that’s what it’s called) every day for a month, learn a bit about it, and share it on here, thereby saving you the bother of having to do so.

Unless of course you already do – in which case, let me in on the secret?

I attended an Manchester Cake Club event last Autumn, which was about Social Media and touched on Pinterest, and we learnt that, if you search for “Cake” for example, there are rather a lot of varying standards of pictures of cake – and that, dear reader, is all I know about Pinterest. Oh, and I am thinking Cath Kidston, and her kind, hangout there, but maybe that’s just unkind.

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